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Lets start from the beginning with a logical approach to create, communicate and strengthen your business branding. Your brand will capture your business as a whole and set you apart from the rest.

Branding Blank Paper To Start Your Story
Set the foundations

Build your brand

When it comes to your company, product or service, brand isn’t just one thing. It’s everything. Sitting at the heart of your business, branding encompasses all that your business does and will be linked to your growth. At Roxhar we know that having a strong, original and authentic brand can be a huge support in your commercial success.

Logo Design

Creating your brand

Business Cards

Leave a lasting impression


Notepads, Signs and Stickers etc

We use unique, custom-built tools to give us the edge

We work with you to create brands that make a lasting impression. Using our experience and expertise, we create brands that work just as well on shiny printed sales materials, through your online presence as well as on your day-to-day stationary. Our team’s approach ensures that you stay consistent with your brand promise, message or values.

Working with you to create a simple but comprehensive brand guideline document. This will encourage and amplify your business to apply consistency against all your online and off-line material.

Creating your perfect logo that is unique to your business which is instantly recognisable to your customers. Providing designs and assets to apply across all areas of your businesses online and offline presence.

Applying design and direction to your social media presence. Cover images, videos and conversational text is crucial is every businesses social media design and strategy.

We will turn your designs and illustrations into custom business cards, flyers, stickers, labels, packaging and more.

Let's Create Together

Find your inner brand!

We are creative agency based in the Midlands, United Kingdom. We create websites, empower applications & devise SEO & Social Media content.

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